TumblThree - A Tumblr Backup Application

TumblThree - A Tumblr Backup Application

TumblThree is the code rewrite of TumblTwo, a free and open source Tumblr blog backup application, using C# with WPF and the MVVM pattern. It uses the Win Application Framework (WAF). It downloads photo, video, audio and text posts from a given tumblr blog.


TumblThree - A Tumblr Backup Application.</a></p>
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  • Source code at github (Written in C# using WPF and MVVM).
  • Multiple concurrent downloads of a single blog.
  • Multiple concurrent downloads of different blogs.
  • Internationalization support (currently available: en, zh, ru, de, fr).
  • A download queue.
  • Autosave of the queuelist.
  • Save, clear and restore the queuelist.
  • A clipboard monitor that detects blogname.tumblr.com urls in the clipboard (copy and paste) and automatically adds the blog to the bloglist.
  • A settings panel (change download location, turn preview off/on, define number of concurrent downloads, set the imagesize of downloaded pictures, set download defaults, enable portable mode, etc.).
  • Uses Windows proxy settings.
  • A bandwidth throttler.
  • An option to download an url list instead of the actual files.
  • Set a start time for a automatic download (e.g. during nights).
  • An option to skip the download of a file if it has already been downloaded before in any currently added blog.
  • Uses SSL connections.
  • Preview of photos & videos.
  • Taskbar buttons and key bindings.

Blog backup/download:

  • Download of photo, video (only tumblr.com hosted), text, audio, quote, conversation, link and question posts.
  • Download meta information for photo, video and audio posts.
  • Downloads inlined photos and videos (e.g. photos embedded in question&answer posts).
  • Download of _raw image files (original/higher resolution pictures).
  • Support for downloading Imgur, Gfycat, Webmshare, Mixtape, Lolisafe, Uguu, Catbox and SafeMoe linked files in tumblr posts.
  • Download of safe mode/NSFW blogs.
  • Allows to download only original content of the blog and skip reblogged posts.
  • Can download only tagged posts.
  • Can download only specific blog pages instead of the whole blog.
  • Allows to download blog posts in a defined time span.
  • Can download hidden blogs (login required / dash board blogs).
  • Can download password protected blogs (of non-hidden blogs).

Liked/by backup/download:

  • A downloader for downloading "liked by" photos and videos instead of a tumblr blog (e.g. https://www.tumblr.com/liked/by/wallpaperfx/) (login required).
  • Download of _raw image files (original/higher resolution pictures).
  • Allows to download posts in a defined time span.

Tumblr search backup/download:

  • A downloader for downloading photos and videos from the tumblr search (e.g. http://www.tumblr.com/search/my+keywords).
  • Download of _raw image files (original/higher resolution pictures).
  • Can download only specific blog pages instead of the whole blog.

Tumblr tag search backup/download:

  • A downloader for downloading photos and videos from the tumblr tag search (e.g. http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/my+keywords) (login required).
  • Download of _raw image files (original/higher resolution pictures).
  • Allows to download posts in a defined time span.

Program Usage:

  • Extract the .zip file and run the application by double clicking TumblThree.exe.
  • Copy the url of any tumblr.com blog you want to backup from into the textbox at the bottom left. Afterwards, click on 'Add Blog' on the right side of it.
  • Alternatively, if you copy (ctrl-c) a tumblr.com blog url from the address bar/text file, the clipboard monitor from TumblThree will detect it and automatically add the blog.
  • To start the download process, click on 'Crawl'. The application will regularly check for (new) blogs in the queue and start processing them, until you stop the application by pressing 'Stop'. So, you can either add blogs to the queue via 'Add to Queue' or double click/drag'n'drop first and then click 'Crawl', or you start the download process first and add blogs to the queue afterwards.
  • A light blue bar left to the blog in the queue indicates a actively downloading blog.
  • The blog manager on the left side also indicates the state of each blog. A red background shows an offline blog, a green background an actively crawling blog and a purple background an enqueued blog.
  • You change the download location, the number of concurrent connections, the default backup settings for each newly added blog and various other settings in the 'Settings'.
  • In the Details window you can view statistics of your blog and set blog specific options. You can here what kind of post type (photo, video, audio, text, conversation, quote, link) to download.
  • For downloading only tagged posts, you'll have to do some steps:
    1. Add the blog url.
    2. Open the blog in the details tab, enter the tags in the Tags textbox in a comma separated list without the leading hash (#) sign. E.g. great big car,bears would search for images that are tagged for either a great big car or bears or both.
  • For downloading password protected blogs, you'll have to do some steps:
    1. Add the blog url.
    2. Open the blog in the details tab, enter the password in the Password textbox.
  • For downloading hidden blogs (login required blogs), you have to do some steps:
    1. Go to Settings, click on the Connection tab and fill in your tumblr email address (login) and password, then click the Authenticate button. If the login was successfully, the label will change and display your email address. The email address and password are not stored locally on disk but cookies are generated and saved in %LOCALAPPDATA%\TumblThree in json format.
    2. Add the blog url.
  • For downloading liked photos and videos, you'll have to do some steps:
    1. Go to Settings, click on the Connection tab and fill in your tumblr email address (login) and password, then click the Authenticate button. If the login was successfully, the label will change and display your email address. The email address and password are not stored locally on disk but cookies are generated and saved in %LOCALAPPDATA%\TumblThree in json format.
    2. Add the blog url including the liked/by string in the url (e.g. https://www.tumblr.com/liked/by/wallpaperfx/).
    3. For downloading your own likes, make sure you've (temporarily) enabled the following options in your blogs settings (i.e. https://www.tumblr.com/settings/blog/yourblogname):
      1. Likes -> Share posts you like (to enable the publicly visible liked/by page)
      2. Visibility -> blog is explicit (to see/download NSFW likes)
  • For downloading photos and videos from the tumblr search, you'll have to do some steps:
    1. Add the search url including your key words separated by plus signs (+) in the url (e.g. https://www.tumblr.com/search/my+special+tags).
  • For downloading photos and videos from the tumblr tag search, you'll have to do some steps:
    1. Go to Settings, click on the Connection tab and fill in your tumblr email address (login) and password, then click the Authenticate button. If the login was successfully, the label will change and display your email address. The email address and password are not stored locally on disk but cookies are generated and saved in %LOCALAPPDATA%\TumblThree in json format.
    2. Add the search url including your tags separated by plus signs (+) in the url (e.g. https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/my+special+tags).

Key Mappings:

  • Currently mapped keys:
    • double click on a blog adds it to the queue
    • drag and drop of blogs from the manager (left side) to the queue
    • space -- start crawl
    • ctrl-space -- pause crawl
    • shift-space -- stop crawl
    • del -- remove blog from queuelist
    • shift-del -- remove blog from blogmanager
    • ctrl-shift-g -- manually trigger the garbage collection

Getting Started:

The default settings should cover most users. You should only have to change the download location and the kind of posts you want to download. For this, in the Settings (click on the Settings button in the lower panel of the main user interface) you might want to change:

  • General -> Download location: Specifies where to download the files. The default is in a folder Blogs relative to the TumblThree.exe
  • Blog -> Settings applied to each blog upon addition:
    • Here you can set what posts newly added blogs will download per default. To change what each blog downloads, click on a blog in the main interface, select the Details Tab on the right and change the settings. This separation allows to download different kind of post for different blogs. You can change the download settings for multiple existing blogs by selecting them with shift+left click for a range or ctrl-a for all of them.
    • Note: You might want to always select:
      • Download Reblogged posts: Downloads reblogs, not just original content of the blog author.

Settings you might want to change if the download speed is not satisfactory:

  • Connection -> Concurrent connections: Specifies the number of connections used for downloading posts. The number is shared between all actively downloading blogs.
  • Connection -> Concurrent video connections: Specifies the number of connections used for downloading tumblr video posts. The vt.tumblr.com host regularly closes connections if the number is too high. Thus, the maximum number of vt.tumblr.com connections can be specified here independently.
  • Connection -> Concurrent blogs: Number of blogs to download in parallel.

Most likely you don't have to change any of the other connection settings. In particular, settings you should never change, unless you're sure you know what you are doing:

  • Connection -> Limit Tumblr Api Connections: Leave this checkbox checked and do not change the corresponding values of 90 connections per 60 seconds. If you still change them, you might end up with offline blogs or missing downloads.

Further Insights:

  • Note: All the following files are stored in json format and can be opened in any editor.
  • Application settings are stored in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\TumblThree\.
  • You can use the portable mode (settings->general) to stores the application settings in the same folder as the executable.
  • For each blog there is also a database (serialized class) file in the Index folder of the download location named after the blogname.tumblr. Here blog relative information is stored like what files have been downloaded, the url of the blog and when it was added. This allows you to move your downloaded files (photos, videos, audio files) to a different location without interfering with the download process.
  • Some settings aren't hooked up to the graphical user interface. It's possible to view all TumblThree settings by opening the settings.json in any editor located in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\TumblThree\. Their names should be self explainatory. Some notable settings to further fine tune the application include:
    • BufferSize: Allows to set the buffer size for downloading binary files (photos, videos) in multiples of 4KB. The default is 2MB, thus the BufferSize has a value of 512. Increasing this value reduces disk fragmentation as more of the file is kept in the memory before it gets written out to the disk but increases the memory usage.
    • MaxNumberOfRetries: Sets the maximum number of retries if a tumblr server forcefully closes the connection. This might regularly happen on the tumblr video host (vt.tumblr.com) if too many connections were opened in parallel. After the limit is exhausted, the file is left truncated, but is also not registered as a successful downloaded. Thus, the file can be resumed in the next crawl.
    • TumblrHosts: Contains a list of hosts which is tried for downloading _raw photos if the photo size is set to raw. If none of the hosts contains the _raw version, the actually scanned host is tried with the next lower resolution (1028).



  • Implements the Tumblr login process and cookie handling in code instead of relying on the Internet Explorer for the Tumblr login process.


  • Fixes hidden Tumblr blog download problems caused by the new Tumblr ToS.


  • Programmatically agrees to new ToS and GDPR.
  • Implements SVC authentication changes. The SVC service is used to display the dash board blogs (i.e. hidden tumblr blogs). Changes in this internal Tumblr api prohibited TumblThrees access.
  • Saves the last post id in successful hidden tumblr downloads.
  • Improves the text parser of the tumblr api and tumblr svc data models. Separated the slug from the url as the data models are inconsistent. Separated the photoset urls from the photo urls. Moved the date information into a separate column.
  • Minor text changes of some user interface elements.


  • Updates the tumblr blog crawler and the hidden tumblr datamodel to reflect tumblr api changes that break blog download of previous TumblThree versions.


  • Allows to download only specific pages of hidden Tumblr blogs and in the tumblr search.
  • Improves the proxy settings. TumblThree now uses the default Windows (Internet Explorer) settings if not overridden within TumblThree.
  • Changes the behavior of the timeout value (Settings->Connection->Timeout). The timeout value now counts file chunks of 4kb instead of the whole file download, thus it should better detect if a download is stalled or a connection dropped without canceling active downloads of larger files (e.g. videos).
  • Changes default timeout value (for new users) from 600s to 30s.
  • Fixes possible download of the same photo but with different resolutions. This happened if the _raw file download was interrupted (the timeout hit), then the same photo was queued for download with the _1280 resolution. If the blog was then subsequently queued again, the _raw file was downloaded next to the _1280 file.
  • Fixes reblog/original post detection in the tumblr hidden crawler.
  • Fixes check blog status during startup-option.
  • Fixes download of password protected tumblr blogs.
  • Adds Mixtape, Lolisafe, Uguu, Catbox and SafeMoe parser (thanks to bun-dev).


  • Fixes a bug that released the video connection semaphore too often. That means the slider in the settings for limiting the video downloads didn't work at all. It should properly limit the connections to the vt.tumblr.com host and prevent incomplete video downloads now.
  • Includes a rewrite of the blog detection during blog addition. It should reduce latency if you mass add blogs by copying urls into the clipboard (ctrl-c). Offline blogs aren't added anymore.
  • Notifies the user when a connection timeout has occurred. The message states whether the timeout has occurred during downloading or crawling. If it happened during crawling, you might want to re-queue the blog at some point to grab missing posts. A connection timeout should only happen if your connection is wonky. You can decrease/increase the timeout in the settings (settings->connection).
  • You can now specify in the Details-panel for each blog where its files should be downloaded. If the text box control is empty, the files are downloaded as in previous releases in the folder specified in the global download location (settings->general), plus the blogs name.
  • Imgur.com linked albums in tumblr posts are now entirely downloaded if enabled (details panel->external->download imgur). Previously, only directly linked images were detected.
  • Adds an option to load all blog databases into memory and compare each to-download binary file to all databases across TumblThree before downloading. If the file has already been downloaded in any blog before, the file is skipped and will not be counted as downloaded. You can enable this in the settings (settings->global).
  • Allows to add hidden tumblr blogs using the dashboard url (i.e. https://www.tumblr.com/dashboard/blog/blogtobackup).
  • Allows to add all blog types without the protocol suffix (i.e. wallpaperfx.tumblr.com, www.tumblr.com/search/cars).
  • Adds an option to enable a confirmation dialog before removing blogs (#186, #130, #98). It's off by default.


  • Adds support for downloading Imgur.com, Gfycat.com and Webmshare.com linked files in tumblr posts.
  • Improves downloading of tumblr liked/by photos and videos.


  • Restores bandwidth limiter functionality.


  • Changes the default _raw photo host.


  • Fixes crawler stop in hidden tumblr blog downloads.
  • Adds options to set the default blog settings for the download from time, download to time and tags in the settings menu.
  • Adds some (ar, el, es, fa, fi, he, hi, it, ja, ko, no, pa, pl, pt, th, tr and vi) google translate translations.


  • Can download password protected blogs of non-hidden blogs.
  • Minor UI updates.



  • French, Spanish and simplified Chinese translations.
  • Removes user interface lag during blog addition.
  • Allows to set the buffer size for downloading binary files in the settings.json in multiples of 4KB. The variable is called BufferSize. The new default is 2MB, thus the BufferSize has a value of 512. Previously it was set to 4KB, but apparently Windows does not do any useful caching on NTFS if multiple writes are concurrent and async. Thus, this should reduce disk fragmentation.
  • Uses .NET Framework 4.6 now as it should be available for all supported windows versions (Windows Vista and above).
  • Improved the selection handling in the details panel. If multiple blogs are selected, old values are now kept if they are the same for all blogs and changes are immediately reflected.
  • Audio file download support for tumblr and hidden tumblr blogs.
  • More code Refactoring.


  • Can download hidden (login required/dash board) blogs.


  • Improved performance and bugfixes.


  • Downloads high resolution (_raw) images.
  • Updated translations (German and Russian).
  • Applies changed settings immediately.


  • Sets the date modified date in the Explorer to the posts time.
  • Allows to download single or ranges of blog pages.
  • Full screen media preview.


  • Option to skip reblogged posts.
  • Improves detection of inlined photos and videos in text posts (e.g. in answer posts).


  • Portable mode.
  • Downloads liked photos and videos.


  • Code refactoring.
  • Uses async/await in most of the code instead of tasks from the threadpool.
  • Uses a consumer producer pattern for grabbing and downloading as the Tumblr api v1 is now rate limited.
  • Downloads are now resumable.
  • Data files are now saved as json instead of binary.
  • Reduced memory usage by layering off the downloaded file list and only load it if needed.
  • Improves ui responsiveness.


  • Improves the speed of the network code.
  • Adds an option to use a http proxy.
  • Downloads inline images of tumblr posts.
  • Added Russian translation.


  • Improves the ui scaling of the main window for smaller resolutions.
  • Prevents crawling of offline blogs.
  • If the same blog is multiple times in the queue and already once active, any other free crawler task will skip and remove any already active blog and proceed to the next inactive blog in the queue.
  • Improved german translation.


  • The check for already downloaded files is now independent from the actual host and based entirely on the filename. It look likes the host/mirror does actual vary which would result in a reload of the file since its url changed.
  • Add scrollbars to the settings window if the controls do not fit.
  • Safely replaces blog indexes. If there is an error (e.g. no disk space left) during the update of the index file, the old state should not be corrupted anymore.
  • Changes some color and adds an alternate color for the blog manager.


  • Fixes application crashes which occurred by adding tumblr blogs without title or description.
  • Decreases determination time of already downloaded files for large blogs (>100,000 posts) by at least three orders of magnitude.


  • Creates more meta information (post id, reblog key, timestamp, tags, slug, title) of the posts, including image, video and audio types.
  • Fixes the progress calculation by adding the found duplicates to the progress. Also states them in the details window.
  • Fixes a locking issue for the meta files (*.txt) which resulted in incomplete downloads.
  • Updates the details and settings view for a better understanding on how to use the application.


  • Fixes proper counting of downloaded files.
  • Fully implements the details window (context menus, etc.).


  • Fixes the initial automatic queue restore function.
  • Fixes the autodownload function.


  • Picture- and videopreview in the details window.
  • Allows the download of text, audio, quote, conversation, link type posts.
  • Download of text, audio, quote, conversation, link and .gif images are based on each blog instead of a global setting and can be turned on/off in the details view. The settings in the settings window are used as template for newly added blogs.
  • Modified .tumblr index files get now always saved upon application exit regardless of the crawlers state. Previously if the application was closed during an active crawl, the index wasn't updated.
  • Inlined the WAF code under lib for easier project setup for newcomers that want to contribute code.
  • bugfixes, UI and memory enhancements.


  • Bandwidth throttling.
  • Connection timeout settings.
  • auto queue and start download function.
  • save states of the UI (column size and order).
  • download of hidden blogs.
  • fix proper saving of the ratings and tags.


  • Added German translation.


  • Support for tumblr.com hosted videos. Check the settings window to enable video download (default: off).


  • Tag crawling now properly working. Also it's case-insensitive now.
  • Fixed crash upon blogs with zero-image count in the queue list (e.g. blog is offline, or tag search didn't evaluate any images).
  • Fixed randomly occurring crash in the clipboard monitor.
  • Changed icons (requested by the TumblOne creator).


  • Now with progress output in the Queue tab (during url crawling for imageurls -- the number of posts evaluated; during downloading -- the current image url).
  • Added missing resume button in the taskbar control.


  • Support for urls starting with https:
  • Fixes application crashed upon pressing the stop-button due to improper exception handling
  • Now saves the index file at every time. Previously the application would exit if the crawling processes was still active without properly waiting them to finish and save its state. Now there is a grace period for the tasks to finish. Same was true if the crawl was paused and then exited.



kim (not verified)
Fri, 20/07/2018 - 08:40

it strange.. i want back up my liked photo.. it is useful but..
it is download just 500 files however i liked post is 3100 posts
why just little downloaded?
can you help me??

Fri, 20/07/2018 - 09:02

Did you read the instructions and checked the "this blog is explicit"-checkbox under the visibility options of your tumblr account?

Downie999 (not verified)
Tue, 31/07/2018 - 08:37

With me TumblThree is not working anymore since a couple of days. I think it's because there was a confirmation page on Tumblr, but I am not shure. TumblThree does not begin to count with the queue. Hope it will work soon again :-)
Thanx for the hard work.

Tue, 31/07/2018 - 18:17

Works perfectly here. I've just tested regular blogs, hidden blogs, the tumblr search and the tumblr tag search.

Jack Bauer (not verified)
Fri, 03/08/2018 - 16:37

I'd love to see a program like this, but for reddit. RipMe works nicely, but it's harder to keep track of accounts.

Tom Thumb (not verified)
Wed, 08/08/2018 - 11:28

Same problem here as Downie999. Says: Error 1: a post was not parsable. Setting 'post per page' to 1 in the Details might increase the downloadable content. Tried that, no results. Removed the program, fresh install, same problem.

BTW, you should remove reCAPTCHA verification, f*ck*ng Google is using this by request of the US military for drone recognition so they can kill innocent civilians, like Obomba did, the 'peace president'.

Wed, 08/08/2018 - 12:37

>BTW, you should remove reCAPTCHA verification,

Unlikely, than I'd have to filter and read even more spam messages. In that case, I'd not support this software anymore other than just providing the code as it is.

> Error 1: a post was not parsable. Setting 'post per page' to 1 in the Details might increase the downloadable content.

No blog/url, no help. Simply because I most likely cannot reproduce the error without the steps you've done.
Please also read the related posts in the github issues I've written about this. If it's only one/some specific blogs, it's currently how it is and not a new/general issue.

anonymous (not verified)
Wed, 08/08/2018 - 16:53

Thanks for the quick response. I understand your reCAPTCHA arguments, but it still sucks.
I found a solution for the problem. First, force a full refresh for the site (CTRL + F5 keys at the same time) on your browser. Second, clear the temporary cache and cookies. Third, perhaps the most important thing, is to clear your DNS cache. For Windows: Start => Command Prompt => type "ipconfig /flushdns" => hit enter. After that, my problems were solved.
Thanks for this great software, I have spent a lot of happy times with it already.

John (not verified)
Fri, 07/09/2018 - 22:23

Any chance for Erome support that's linked in the body of a post?

Thanks, and I appreciate all the work you've put into this program so far. I've been using it for years.

w (not verified)
Sun, 09/09/2018 - 22:26

Also, this kind of plays off the parent comment;

Any chance for mega links support? A lot of Tumblrs I follow have mega links in the post body, but TumblThree doesn't seem to catch them.

Anonymous (not verified)
Fri, 07/09/2018 - 22:24

The notation of tumblr's video was changed, so I want you to fix it. please.

The notation of mp4 is divided into zzz_frame1.jpg and "media": {"url": ... tumblr_zzz.mp4 ".

Sat, 08/09/2018 - 23:41

Still works for me. And again, no example! Please see the other comments or read on how to request something properly.

Either be so specific that I can directly see the issue, or provide an example. I've tested a regular/normal and a hidden blog trying to download tumblr video posts. NO ISSUE.

Sun, 09/09/2018 - 08:46

Thanks. With the information given in your second comment, I could see and reproduce the issue. I'll fix this later today, should as simple as adjusting the regex.

Given the NSFW nature in your comment, I hope it's okay if I delete it and will not publish it on this website.

Thanks again for reaching out!

Anonymous (not verified)
Sun, 09/09/2018 - 20:00

I appreciate quick response.

As a sample, I searched for a blog other than NSFW, but I could not find it.
Thanks for the hidden processing.

This software is unique and wonderful.

Mon, 10/09/2018 - 07:09

From my understanding, they didn't change anything in the tumblr video post. The post you've posted is actually a regular/text post where a tumblr video is inlined. Thus, my guess is, this kind of posts don't happen that often and we probably didn't get it before either.

I've checked the tumblr video post, they didn't seem to change at all. Honestly, that's why all this is huge mess to code and kinda annoying. 5+ ways only from tumblr itself to show a video in a post, .. same for the crappy image implementation.

Anonymous (not verified)
Tue, 11/09/2018 - 02:20

I appreciate your report.

Because it was difficult to find another sample code, I thought it was a very special post.
(It may be a temporary bug of tumblr)

For a special case, I will download it manually.

This software is unique, and it does not change to be wonderful.
I will continue to use it from now on.

anonymous (not verified)
Sat, 20/10/2018 - 12:25

I have the same issue that the anonymous commented :/ Really looking forward to a release. Thank you very much in advance :)

James (not verified)
Fri, 14/09/2018 - 08:00

I thought I'd be able to use this to rip a couple of popular image blocks for reference images. But it doesn't seem to take a .com domain even if the site it based on tumblr or similar. Any plans to implement to sites with custom domains?

anonymous (not verified)
Wed, 31/10/2018 - 12:58

So I've been getting this error lately, for a large number of blogs. I'm unsure what's even causing this, which is why I'm inquiring. A selection of the some 40+ blogs I've had this issue pop up are:


And numerous more. I'm honestly convinced the error is a false positive or something, which is probably worse

nomead (not verified)
Mon, 05/11/2018 - 08:47

This was apparently fixed in the newest release Works fine for me now, after upgrading. And it was really just Tumblr giving empty replies to page requests, so it wasn't tied to any particular blog, just a random occurrence. And yet another case of having to fix problems that Tumblr itself is having.

anonymous (not verified)
Wed, 07/11/2018 - 07:34

Yeah, I figured as much when I checked the the blogs being noted for such issues having obviously downloaded something in their folders

Plus my report there comes a day or two before Johann posted his update, so there's that too

Wed, 07/11/2018 - 21:23

Thanks for commenting and making me aware. Actually, I've tested your blogs together with the one mentioned on github regarding the same issue, thus it was certainly helpful. Your blogs made me aware of that it only affects regular (non-hidden) tumblr blogs. And it's always good to have at least two people reporting the same issue.

Sorry, I've forgotten to reply after fixing the issue.

Wally Wallace (not verified)
Wed, 21/11/2018 - 02:50

Hello. I love the idea of this program. But when I put in the blog I want. Nothing happens. I clicked on "add blog" but again, nothing. I have looked all around settings and redownloaded the program. I run windows 10 and use chrome if that makes any difference. Still can't get it to run. How can I fix this? Thank you!

Andy (not verified)
Mon, 03/12/2018 - 20:35

I'm having the same problem. My own tumblr URL won't add and neither will the examples you've provided.

Andy (not verified)
Mon, 03/12/2018 - 20:57

Hmm, the issue may be related to permissions? Originally I was unzipping the software into my program files directory and it didn't work at all. It seems to be working (well, like 50% of the time?) if I unzip the software to my desktop.

Mon, 03/12/2018 - 21:06

I cannot say much to this, since it works here, and for several other people too.

I don't know what exactly you're doing, thus I can't help except with the general information I already gave.

Andy (not verified)
Mon, 03/12/2018 - 22:09

Thank you for your quick reply.

I figure you're going to be boooooombaaaaarded with messages over the next few days so I definitely don't want to add to your workload and the software now does seem to be working for me.

If you want to investigate the issue, I'm just speculating that--if TumblThree is unzipped to a folder where it doesn't have full write access and the saving location isn't changed from the default--it may not be able to create the Blogs folder. But, yeah, that's just a lead for you to investigate at your leisure.

Thank you for the work you've done!

Shambala (not verified)
Fri, 23/11/2018 - 12:01

danke für das Programm TumblThree.
Ist es möglich, dieses Programm zu verbessern, damit wir unsere Lieblings "likes", "reads", "taggs"speichern können?

das wäre toll!

tumblr.com sehr oft entfernt Blöcke. Sie sind schwer zu bezahlen, alle Daten zu speichern. So viele fehlende Blogs. Sie verschwinden einfach. Meins ist auch plötzlich verschwunden. ich mache mir sorgen, dass ein Teil meiner Lieblings-Blogs Abgrund kann, aber wenn ich Sie einzeln in jedem Ordner herunterladen, dann habe ich Angst, viel Platz zu nehmen.


thank you for the TumblThree program.
Is it possible to improve this program so that we can keep our favorite "likes", "reads", "tags"?

that would be great!

tumblr.com very often removes blocks. It's hard for them to pay, storing all the data. So many missing blogs. They just disappear. Mine also disappeared suddenly. I'm worried that some of my favorite blogs may be missing, but if I download them separately in each folder, then I'm afraid they take up a lot of space.


Daniel (not verified)
Mon, 03/12/2018 - 07:53


I've successfully downloaded all the images from a blog, and then realised that the texts.txt file containing the info about which images goes with which posts, dates and tags, was broken. The file seemed ok at first look but only contained data for the first 140 posts out of 9000.
I don't know but it can be that I broke the file by using it during the crawl.

My question: is there a way to load the texts.txt file only? Without loading the images again?

Thanks for good code


Sebastian Meehan (not verified)
Mon, 03/12/2018 - 20:38

My account doesn't have any form of Two-Factor authentication yet it says it's detected and I cannot login without it

Lars (not verified)
Mon, 03/12/2018 - 21:07

I'm sorry I have to ask this because I am painfully aware that it is an INCREDIBLY stupid question, but I am utterly baffled because I simply cannot find the .exe file to launch it from in the folder. Tried downloading the .zip directly (and yes I extracted it) and then installed GitHub and added it as a repository to download it, both gave me same results: try as I might there appears to be no .exe files. Um... where am I going wrong?

Lars (not verified)
Tue, 04/12/2018 - 21:44

Thank you for replying so quickly! It's fine now - the .zip I was dowloading before was the "master", oops

Kellie (not verified)
Tue, 04/12/2018 - 01:14

Is there a way to download a specific tag from a specific blog only? Im trying to back up multiple of my own tmblrs, and in some cases i just want to isolate one or two tag groups... Is that possible with this tool?

Tue, 04/12/2018 - 02:58

Yes. Read the text here, or the readme on github. Put the tag in the details view of the specific blog.

Pshek (not verified)
Tue, 04/12/2018 - 01:16

Is there actually a way of downloading the _raw files still, or are we forced to download them resized as _1280? Very important due to the 17th December killing off NSFW blogs.

Hobo (not verified)
Tue, 04/12/2018 - 07:34

How exactly is a "duplicate" determined? Is it a binary duplicate or a duplicate url? About 27% of my likes were flagged as duplicates and I know my memory is bad and I like reposts of things I've already liked, but I didn't think it was THAT bad

Also is there any way to scrape a list of urls from posts? the external downloads feature is nice, but a lot of artists link to deviantart/pixiv/other sites for HQ images and those don't get downloaded. It would be cool if it could compile a list of urls from posts so that way I could manually get those higher quality images. Preferably formatted as a list in a boring .html file or something so that way they're clickable and you don't have to copy paste each url individually, but even a raw .txt would be better than nothing.

Either way, this tool was very helpful and I'm sad I didn't find out about this until long after _raw died, thanks for all your work

Tue, 04/12/2018 - 07:58

I've never checked if the dupe calculation actually works for likes. Probably not.

You can try to turn on the "dump crawler" data-option (that will write to disk everything the crawler sees) and/or the various download text/quote/conversation post options. Maybe in there are the kind of urls you're looking for. You'll still have to parse them afterwards. If you switch the "meta data format" option to json, that might be easier for further processing.

Otherwise, there is unfortunately nothing else implemented.

Jason (not verified)
Tue, 04/12/2018 - 10:58

So, I realized that, at some point in the past, I had managed to get TumblThree to work, but for the life of me, I couldn't get any links to add. What I discovered was that (you probably already know this) Windows 10 won't let you write to the parent folder or, for that matter, anywhere in C:/ if it's not in the /user/%user% folders. My work around previously was to move it to a slave drive and it worked fine.

Did you post instructions on this at some point? I didn't see any reference to this, though, admittedly, I didn't read all of this.

I tried a tutorial, previously, to turn off the write restriction, but I gave up because, well, F Microsoft.

anonymous (not verified)
Tue, 04/12/2018 - 17:57

Ye, so it wont let me click the add blog button or check clipboard, i can change the settings but not much else. Ive tried installing it in user folders, opening as admin and giving permissions but nothing is working:/

Tue, 04/12/2018 - 19:19

I've never tested it starting it as admin. If I where you, I'd remove all the settings and folders in %LOCALAPPDATA%\TumblThree. Then re-start the application from a non-admin required location (i.e. not C:\Program files\..).

The "Add Blog" button only enables if you've entered a valid URL. I.e either blogname.tumblr.com or www.tumblr.com/liked/by/>>blog or similar (see the instructions on the page). I'd just click the URL in the addressbar, and hit ctrl-c (maybe twice). The clipboard monitor should detect it and automatically add it.

If the Crawl/Clipboard monitor buttons are clickable/toggle-able at the application start, everything is okay.

It's all only a guess, since I cannot reproduce this behavior (I don't even know exactly how this should look on the UI).

Sunneva Joh (not verified)
Tue, 04/12/2018 - 13:28

Please please please make this into a Mac application or something a mac can open - I love the options you offer and no other mac tumblr downloader is anything remotely like yours!!!


James (not verified)
Thu, 06/12/2018 - 00:27

I'm struggling! I looked at the help and comments, but I'm still stuck. I downloaded TumblThree and I extracted the file. I have the program open, and I have logged into Tumblr to authenticate on your TumblThree setting page. I add a blog and nothing happens. It just says at the top "Error 1: The blog already exist;" It does not crawl and find any pictures or content :( I checked your help and other comments, but I cant see what to do. I have Windows 10, connecting via home WiFi. No other problems on my computer with any other sites or programs. Do I have to install "Win Application Framework (WAF)" (surely I already have it? I have the typical Windows install which includes the .NET stuff). Thank you for your help!! Using version, and I also tried version and the same thing happened!! :(