Manually transfer your nike+ running data to a new iPod

Posted at — Nov 23, 2009



Situation: You’ve got a new iPod nano, touch or whatever, and used to run with an old model. Surprisingly, there is no wizard, switch that lets you transfer your statistics on your new iPod.. You can do it on your own! You just need to copy a few files over. Here is how to do it: Overview (Click for large): nike+ workouts On the left side you see the iPod filesystem structure. On the right side the directory with completed and recorded runs. Everything from nike+ is inside here, in X:/iPod_Control/Device/Trainer! Copy the whole directory over to your new device. Remove the iPod device, reset the iPod with pressing menu and the center-button at the same time for 5 seconds. That will reload the new settings. If you don’t do, iTunes will display the correct data, but your iPod won’t. And we’re done.

Mixed data

A bit more work is to do if you’ve already used your new device for some runs, and want to merge your data. For that, edit the following three files located at Y:/iPod_Control/Device/Trainer/Workouts/Empeds/__HASH__/, (preferences.xml, lastWorkout.xml and at settings.plist) to update your stats. With __HASH__ being a unique number for each device, thus it will differ on your iPod: (Click for large View of edit files) nike+ workouts In preferences.xml just use simple arithmetic and add your old preferences.xml to your new one, save, and done. You need to keep your lastWorkout.xml from the current run. And the last step, move over all your old runs (stats like kcal usage, miles, etc.) from the synced directory of the old iPod onto the new iPod.