POD HD Preset Tool

The POD HD Preset Tool

The POD HD Preset Tool can convert preset, setlist and bundles between different POD HD models without modifying their settings. Optionally, It also can mass change some settings of all presets, setlists, bundles like setting all amps to preamps or changing the microphone




For the POD HD 500 / POD HD 500X / POD HD Desktop / POD HD Pro / POD HD ProX:

  • Convert presets, bundles and setlists to each other model. It literally "converts" them , i.e. does not modify any Amp/Cab/FX Setting.
  • Edit bundles, presets and setlists:
    • Independently change inputs, impedance, amps, cabs and mics without changing their parameters. For example, change your live setlist to a studio setlist by changing all pre amp models to full amp models with cab without losing your settings.
  • Translate POD HD 300 / POD HD 400 presets to POD HD 500 / POD HD 500X / POD HD Desktop / POD HD Pro / POD HD ProX presets. Click here for more information.

For the POD HD 300 / 400:

Program Usage:

  • On the Top, click on the Tab named after your desired deivce. So, if you own a POD HD Desktop, click on HD Desktop
  • Below, click on Browse and specify the directory that contains your (downloaded) Presets, Setlists or Bundles that you want to convert to your device or modify.
  • Now choose what you want to do with the files in the chosen directory. The settings are grouped in convert, translate or modify for a better overwiev. Apply everything you desire. For example, if you downloaded a POD HD 500 Preset and want to run in on your POD HD Desktop, checkmark the box Patch HD 500 Presets to Desktop (.h5e -> .hbe).
  • On the Bottom, Click Run.




  • Converter: Fixed DEP amp and cab settings for newer firmware versions (v2.26). After the latest firmware update, they might have been set to defaults after conversions (Thanks to Timothy for pointing this out!).


  • We now save checkbox / combobox states and the path of the selected directory.
  • I've also uploaded an uncompressed windows build, which is exactly the same as the smaller one, just not compressed with the binary packer upx. My virus scanner sometimes detects compressed .exe files as false positive viruses.


  • A current release with all features for OS X. Since it depends on the Qt toolkit, it's much larger than the previous builds.

    POD HD Qt Mac OS X


  • Support for POD HD ProX


  • Translate POD HD 300 / POD HD 400 presets to POD HD 500 / POD HD 500X / POD HD Desktop / POD HD Pro presets. Still beta. First Preview:
  • POD HD 300 to 500 Translator
    Left Side: Original Preset. Right Side: Translated Preset


  • Support for POD HD 500X.


  • Fixed input selection of POD HD Desktop and POD HD Pro (Thanks to Raf for pointing this out)
  • Fixed calculation of converted files
  • For the POD HD 500 / POD HD Desktop / POD HD Pro:
    • Correct input mapping if possible (i.e. device capability dependent). Default values for non-existent inputs (for example Variax on the HD Desktop) can be set for conversion in the 'Modify Files' View. If you checkmark "Change Inputs" without "Modify .xxx files" in the "Modify Files" View, entered values are used for non-existent inputs. For example Variax is mapped to guitar (choosable) on HD Desktop, guitar stays guitar. If you checkmark "Modifiy .xxx Files" all inputs will be overwritten with the selected value. (Thanks to Raf for suggesting this feature)


  • User-Customizable Mapping of Missing Effects.



  • Support for POD HD 500, POD HD Desktop & POD HD Pro Presets.
  • Full Support for POD HD 400 (Added Effects, that are exclusive for HD 400).
  • Support for POD HD 500, POD HD Desktop & POD HD Pro Presets.
  • Support for new Amp Models (Solo 100, Line 6 Doom, Line 6 Epic).


  • Full Support for POD HD Pro.
  • Support for POD HD 500.
  • You can know change all amp models to pre amp models and vice versa in Presets, Bundles and Setlists (HD 500/Pro/Desktop). As an example, if you use the pre models on a setlists for live acts with external cabs, you can change the amps for studio/home sessions without losing the amp settings.
  • Now it is possible to mass change all presets, bundles and setlists to specific amp/cab/mic combination without losing amp settings (HD 500/Pro/Desktop).
  • POD HD Translator (HD HD 300 / POD HD 400): Support for new Amp Models (Solo 100, Line 6 Doom, Line 6 Epic).
  • Changed GUI Design.



  • Beta: Support for POD HD Pro.
  • Beta: Added a HD 500 Tab. You can currently mass-change Amps, Cabs and Mics on Preset files. See Comments for 'why' and a use case.


Now with basic HD 400 support. Same features as HD 300, so no FX loop, same effects as HD 300.


First version of my HD 500 to HD 300 (same applies for HD 400) Preset 'Translator'.

Initially, I thought that couldn't be that hard and decided to take up that challenge, but soon i noticed that almost every byte needed to be modified and adjusted with proper pattern. Even things like the potis are differently stored, the amps and cabs have different orders, thus are different saved and so on, ..

Since the HD 300 has less effects and lacks of the dual amp capacity, if you translate a preset you might get more output. For instance you load a dual amp preset, you get one preset with the first amp row and all effects, one preset with the second amp and all effects.
The same applies to the effects. If the initially preset had 3 distortions that must all be mapped into the first Fx Row of the HD 300, you get 3 presets with each.

I mean, it's quite obvious that the output might not sound as the original (if it's loaded with many effects), but this way should deliver the closed sound and from that on, you can fine tune.

To use, simply download the .jar file, switch to the tab "HD 300 & 400", select a directory with .h5e files (hd 500 presets), and hit 'Run'. You'll find loadable Preset files (.h3e) or (.h4e) in that directory.

For a better understanding, i've made a sample mosaic of screenshots (.jpg, ~690kb).
POD HD 300 Translator
The first and second images show the preset in the HD 500 Edit Software, the Effects and Amps. Then follows an Explorer Window, where you see the original preset and translated presets listed.
After that you see all the translated files opened in the HD 300 Edit Software (.h3e).
As you can recognize, there's a dual amp configuration with two distortion effects and one reverb and delay. Since you can only load one dist at one time, you get 2 presets for the first amp, and the same for the second amp, thus 4 possible configurations and translated presets.

This is a list of missing effects on the hd300 and how they are currently replaced. I'm not sure if i've always taken the best fitting choice, hence i'm open for any suggestions. In a later release, you'll find an option for set it on your own.

While messing around with the various versions of the HD Edit Software, i've noticed that some settings don't get stored/loaded during the Offline Mode. So, if you wonder why all the amp parameter are screwed in the translated Presets, that probably won't effect you and is not a bug of my software itself. If anyone cares and wants to know more, there is a thread ongoing in the line6 forum, here you go..


Now with edit function. Currently you can choose the Inputs and Input Impedance to be set. That means, you can also mass change these values in any preset you are already using.

POD HD Convert Edit Function


Now as native Windows application. But it has one major drawback. I never thought a statically linked Qt application would add such a huge amount to its filesize (~11mb)!


Now as native Mac OS X application.

POD HD Convert Cocoa


Now with rename option.


Now with GUI:

convert.jar Main Window


  • Make sure you have a java runtime (JRE) installed. Not needed for native versions!
  • Open the .jar file by double clicking on it.
  • Select the folder of your preset files by clicking on the Browse-Button.
  • If you have selected patch .hbe files, the application will change the bytes in files in the selected folder with the extension .hbe to make them load with the POD HD and POD HD Edit software (i.e. change the inputs).
    Same goes for the .h5e checkbox.
  • Check the rename .h5e to .hbe if needed.

To load files with the POD HD Edit software, they have to have the .hbe extension. Make sure you select rename .h5e to .hbe if you downloaded your preset directly from the line6 customtone website.

The Story:

Since the new firmware update v2.02 for the pod hd series, which added new amp models, you cannot interchange presets between the hd desktop (aka bean)/500/Pro models anymore. Thats a big downsite. There are 2838 tones for the 500 model on the line6 customtone website, but just 130 tones for the desktop version as of today.

Now, when you start up your pod hd edit software v2.00 and open a preset you get a notification:

POD HD Edit: Invalid data found in one or more patches. These patches have been reset and named "New Tone (Reset)".

POD HD Edit Sofware - Invaild Data

Now, I've written a small program that changes some bytes in the presets, bundles or setlists to make them load with the POD HD Desktop model.


john (not verified)
Sat, 21/04/2012 - 23:43

I have windows 7 how do I run your program...step by step please...thanks

Mon, 23/04/2012 - 10:59

Sorry for that, i'll add a description in the article and some mouse hover bubbles in the application itself for explanation.

Joel (not verified)
Wed, 27/06/2012 - 00:16

First I'd like to say thank you for taking the time to develop a converter. Could you let me know where I could download it ? I'd like to try out the new GUI version that runs on Win7 please.

Wed, 27/06/2012 - 01:00

Thanks! Actually, the links are embedded in the text. Maybe the color is but different to distinguish the text code from link code (dark blue instead of black).
I would try this one for Windows 7: http://www.jzab.de/files/podhd_convert.exe . You don't have to download anything else for it.
Otherwise you can try the Java Version http://www.jzab.de/files/podhd_convert.jar if the first one shouldn't work, it's probably the most "stable" one, but any of the files should work in the same manner.

FredCL (not verified)
Tue, 01/05/2012 - 18:24

Thanks a lot! it works fine.
I don't understand why Line6 not provide this kind of tools directly,

lazy (not verified)
Sun, 03/06/2012 - 19:04

Oh nice, thanks a lot for your software !
This soft is very useful, i was really disappointed by the Line6 update that wouldn't allow to put the HD500 patch.
Thanks for your job, now i can get every patch and convert the .h5e extension in .hbe.

Cheers !

Baffled (not verified)
Wed, 13/06/2012 - 16:11

Complete non-sence doesnt even pretend to work.... well ok looked good at first but bullshit

Wed, 13/06/2012 - 18:42

I'm glad it didnt work for you if your character correlates anywhere near your language here!
I can't say how happy i'm about the first 4 comments. They compensate the shit you have to face day for day and the bunch of idiots running around in the internet.

One more: Thanks for your precise description of the error. That will help me alot.

Baffled (not verified)
Wed, 13/06/2012 - 21:50

idiot? Sorry if my my language skills may lack due to speaking sevral of them, I asure you i am no idiot. I am sorry if I offended. Specific problem is your patch doesnt reconize the file to be translated. Found that by loading file into HD500 software and turning of some hardware options that the desktop does not have, acts as a patch that works....... swatting a fly with a Tank? building a fusion reactor to power a light bulb? or did u program a patch to translate a line 6 file? who is the idiot?

Thu, 14/06/2012 - 08:15

So, you had a HD 500 patchfile, tried my application, and it did not work afterwards? Have you checked, if it has been modified (for example via your file explorer and the given time there).
If so, please send me in the _unmodified_ file (neither changed via my application, nor with your HD 500 Software) to "website [at] jzab [de]" or give me the proper link to the line6 customtone website if you downloaded it there.
Please tell me which converter file exactly you downloaded and your operation system, that would help as well.

I still don't get your last sentences, but anyways i'm not going to reply anymore if you don't want my help, you don't want to help me and just troll. I've offered you my help, and i'm glad if someone tries to help me make this software better, but not under this given circumstances.

Barry (not verified)
Wed, 20/06/2012 - 19:18

works just fine :)

now , if you could write a GUI that reads a tone list directly from Customtone ( requires login ) and allows us to download directly with search ... i would love you forever :P

Fri, 20/07/2012 - 09:03

Thanks a lot for your comment!

I could reproduce the bug. While it's only happening with the Qt (.exe) version, and i currently don't see why, i think i'll have fixed it at the end of the day.
I'll upload a new version when it's done and add a note.

Thanks again!

Sun, 29/07/2012 - 23:42

Hey there!

Thanks for you comment. I'm quite interested in your suggestion. I just did a short look into those files and i'm quite sure that it can be done. I'll try to dig deeper tomorrow in it and think i'll come up with something this week.

I'll update the post if it's necessary or if i have something interesting new to say.


Warfare (not verified)
Mon, 30/07/2012 - 12:59

Great news !
Hope you'll succeed ^^

anonymous (not verified)
Sun, 29/07/2012 - 17:18

I love you
This program is perfect
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Motta (not verified)
Mon, 06/08/2012 - 14:53

can you make a data converter the x3 live for pod hd?

sorry for english, I'm Brazilian

Fri, 05/10/2012 - 18:17

Hey man, it seems you are the most knowledgeable person I know about Pod HD patches. I was curious if either you'd share with me the source code to your desktop convertor or share some knowledge about how Pod HD patches are formatted. I intend to write a program allowing myself to simply change out the amp model on some of my patches without changing the amp's EQ settings or cab/mic settings, including the Cab DEP's. I have a lot of patches I want to convert, so doing it manually would be a huge pain since it defaults different EQ and cab/mic settings when you change the amp in the Pod or in HD Edit. Please email me if you can help. Thanks.

Mon, 08/10/2012 - 14:44

First of all, thanks for you comment. I've also thought about something like your suggestion, because i somehow tend to download "Pre" models from the customtone website. When i then switch to the the normal amp with cab, all the amp settings a gone :(

I just added an option for the HD 500. It's still beta, i didn't test it much, but it should work. I'll look into this some more this weekend when i've some more free time.

NeoCZ (not verified)
Sat, 13/10/2012 - 18:57

If possible, could you add option to toggle between Full and Pre versions of same models (and keep all other settings intact)? I have separate setlist for HD500 into PA and another setlist for HD500 to DT25. This could save me some time ;-)

Dr.Fix (not verified)
Mon, 08/10/2012 - 08:40

what about converting from HD500 to HD Pro?
On customtome there are a lot of 500 patches and only few hd pro... hd pro has all the inputs of the 500...


Mon, 08/10/2012 - 14:00

Yipp, you can simply rename the presets, bundles, setlists for the HD Pro as the HD Pro has even more inputs and the bytes, which hold the inputs, cover the same range.
Unfortunately they aren't correctly mapped, who knows why :(, but most people use the "Input Setup" -> "Global"-Settings. This stores your setting once on your device and always loads it off it, so you probably won't even notice the wrong mapping.

I just added a quick support for the HD Pro (just a rename option for presets, bundles and setlists). I'm going to add a correct input mapping and "Input Selection Toggle" for mass-change this weekend.

Waz (not verified)
Thu, 18/10/2012 - 14:39

Hi, firstly thanks for taking the time to make what looks like a great little tool

I tried to install the .dmg but get an error advising it can only be installed on OSX 10.7 or higher. Is there a version that works with 10.6.8, or is there any work around (apart from the obvious which would be to install 10.7, which i don't want to do due to compatibility / stability issues with other 3rd party apps I use).

Thanks in advance.



Fri, 19/10/2012 - 18:55


Thanks for your comment! I've just recompiled the .app file. There's actually no reason to exclude any OS X version before 10.7. Maybe you give it a try now. Since i've just a 10.7 here, i can't say for sure if it works now.

Rhett (not verified)
Wed, 14/11/2012 - 05:00

Hey, your program is almost exactly what I'm looking for but the complete opposite. :)

I've got a 500 and would love to be able to open patches made for other models. Would it be very hard to add that functionality? I know I'm not the only 500 owner who wants to play around with patches made for other versions.

Wed, 14/11/2012 - 09:13

Thanks for your comment and your suggestion to make the program a bit better :)

No, that's an easy task now. I had to fully "disassemble" the hd 500 presets for the "hd 500 to hd 300-translator". I'm looking forward in implementing this, .. most likely within the end of this week i'll come up with a new version.
Quite some stuff to add now. I was thinking about a GUI redesign too, since most features (switch presets from pre amp to amps with cab and vice versa, change inputs on presets, ..) are applicable for all models.

Raf (not verified)
Wed, 12/12/2012 - 15:45

Hi, great you made this fantastic tool. I've had a look at the HD editor output files myself (in binary format, beats me why they justs didn't use simple XML files), so I don't know how the hell you managed to map this to all settings - did you try every effect one by one to see which byte changed in the output files??? Great work anyway, and thanks for the time you must have put into this!
I've just got a small problem: since I've got a pro, bean and hd500, I always set my second input to "mic" (since a hd bean does not know a variax). But if I translate my hd pro setlist to a hd bean setlist, the "mic" mapping (second input) gives errors, so I have to use the "hard" translation to force the second input to "mic" so my setlist can be loaded into the bean (but doing is, I loose my guitar/guitar mappings for the patches that have dual amps).
Also the other way around (hd bean to hd pro) gives problems: these file do convert and can be loaded without "forcing" the second input, but for the patches with the second input from the bean set to mic, the converted patch has an "empty" second input field in the pod pro editor. So maybe you have to look at the mapping for the second input again.

Thu, 13/12/2012 - 11:05

Ah, okay. Thanks for your reply!

I'll look into it this evening. You're right, maybe the mapping is wrong.. I'll write again if i found the bug or need some more information ;)

Jupp, thats exactly what i did. I've tried every switch/effect/amp on it's own, compared it with a "blank" preset and tried to figure out what exactly changed. It was quite straight forward tho (but stupid work ;) ), except for the HD 300/400. Sometimes some bytes are multiple used, so that you have to check for more than one settings to be true.

I wanted to release my findings in something like documentation anyways. I think over christmas i'll have some time for it and release the source code, so maybe someone else has some ideas and is willing to add something, .. maybe a custometone browser where you can directly download presets from all models and convert them to your desired device, ...

Thu, 20/12/2012 - 22:34

Okay, sorry! It took some time now. I've had noticed that there was no mapping at all. Just some fixed values (so it took longer to fix), since this code was the first i've had implemented. Now you should have a properly mapping in presets/setlist/bundles for each preset and individual inputs.

Raf (not verified)
Sun, 20/01/2013 - 21:10

Hi Johannes,

I hadn't read your web page anymore because of the Xmas & New Year holidays - and in the end I managed to get my setlists on all my pods after converting them with the old version of your program (followed by some manual changes in the HD editors).
I've just tried your new version, and that works perfectly for me - seems to do everything I need to quickly convert my setlists between all my pods, so thanks for this nice "Xmas present"!


Raf (not verified)
Mon, 12/05/2014 - 09:28

Hi Johannes,

using your latest version of your convertor on my setlists, if I just try to set all my cabinets to "nocab", it changes all the cabinets to the "Phd Ported" model (just tested on a HD Bean and HD500 setlist, but I suppose this will be the case for all setlists). Maybe you could look into that?

By the way: I see you published your sources on grithub. What compiler/tools do you use to compile for Windows (would mingw with qt libraries work to compile)?

Tue, 13/05/2014 - 20:59

I'll look into this tomorrow. Thanks for noticing me. I was already thinking about rewriting everything because the code is a complete mess and actually was my frist coding project at all and initally i was just converting things to my bean.. Then i could finally add a download/upload function to the custometone site and change files on the fly for the proper modell.

Yapp, i used mingw and and complied the qt library on my own for the static build because otherwise you get a .dll dependency for the qt libs. I also compressed the binary with upx.

NeoCZ (not verified)
Mon, 21/01/2013 - 12:51

Hi zab,

once again I want to thank you, your work is fantastic. Just one more idea/feature request. Would it be possible to add conversion from HD300/400 to HD500/Pro/Bean - this would make all HD series models compatible (with known restrictions of 300 or 400 of course)!

Tue, 22/01/2013 - 07:22

Sure, that is possible. There is everything in the code already, just the other way around, ..

We could also add a browser that searches the whole line6 customtone website and independently downloads any preset of any model and converts it to your desired model.

Megadeth01 (not verified)
Wed, 23/01/2013 - 06:16

Hello, excuse my bad English I speak my Spanish actually. I have a problem I hope you can help me solve. I copied and pasted on the desktop of my laptop a preset POD HD 500 to make a POD HD 300 in the browse option to select your program to try, but do not see and therefore I can not convert it. Using 64-bit Windows 7. Also I have a question, I have a number of *. L6T all Line 6 pedals, is there any way to convert these files to *. H3E for use in the POD HD 300.

Best regards from Honduras, Central America

Gerrit (not verified)
Wed, 30/01/2013 - 20:14

This is a great tool, it saved me a lot of time! Thank you very much!

Steviecoaster (not verified)
Fri, 01/03/2013 - 03:34

I'm using your Mac app to convert some HD500 tones to an HD300. The presets section works perfectly, but the bundles and set lists are grayed out? Why is this? Has the functionality just not been added yet? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Wed, 03/04/2013 - 11:12

Sorry for my late answer, completely forget to reply.
It is not yet implemented, you're right.

I'm not sure, if you want that feature, i can easily add that. But i though, that if there are already 1-4 possible preset combinations from one translated HD 500 preset to HD 300/400, and in a bundle there are 512 presets stored. If you want every combination that would lead to (1-4)^512 files?! I was not sure if people really want that ;), ..

Maybe we need a preview/option to pre decide/filter somehow, ..

anonymous (not verified)
Tue, 02/04/2013 - 20:18

.Jar app is 404 and the Mac app keeps crashing for me. :( Any idea why this could be happening? Here's a part of the crash log:
Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000
Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread

Application Specific Information:
abort() called
*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidUnarchiveOperationException', reason: '*** -[NSKeyedUnarchiver decodeObjectForKey:]: cannot decode object of class (NSLayoutConstraint)'
*** Call stack at first throw:

Wed, 03/04/2013 - 11:06


Thanks for your comment. Yap, i've removed the .jar file. I'm not sure if i want people to use java (security concerns) because of this little app, and since i had version in machine code for both POD HD supported OS version, i though i could remove it.

It looks like an easy fix, your error. Google tells me you are using OS X < 10.7 and it seems like there is no autolayout-support for .nib files (layout files) in those versions. I'm not sure, if i had turned that on. I currently don't have access to an OS X, so i'll ask a friend of mine today if he can compile it again with that option turned off.
I'll write again then when there is a new version.

Vic (not verified)
Wed, 03/04/2013 - 22:40

Yes I'm on a 10.6.8 Hackintosh - haven't found a reason to upgrade yet! : ) Thanks a lot for the app and for taking the time to fix this for me!

Thu, 04/04/2013 - 18:40

Okay, here it is: click

I cannot say if it works. My friend said he turned off the auto layout option and as i said earlier, i don't have any OS X around here :/.

So try it, and tell me if it worked for you, okay? Maybe someone else is interessted in it.