TumblTwo - An Improved Fork of TumblOne, a Tumblr Downloader

Posted at — Apr 8, 2015


Note: New users should directly check out TumblThree. Over the last week I reverse engineered TumblOne by Helena Carver. The project is under Public Domain and thus free from copyright. Since there was no source code available and I always wanted to see how easily one can decompile .NET assembly and wanted to add new features, I thought I would give it a try and reflect it. Bonus: I’ve never touched C# before and this way, I could learn a new language on top.
There are other people on the projects discussion page that suggested similar features and since the development seemed stalled, I thought about releasing the code and the binary with my changes, thus probably also under public domain. I don’t want to take over the original project, nor infringe any copyright or claim fully authorship. So, if the original author wants to continue her project, I’d be happy to help and see my changes committed. For the meantime, I thought of a fork for the changes and a new project name.

TumblTwo, a TumblOne Fork

TumblTwo is an image downloader (crawler) for the Bloghoster Tumblr.com based on TumblOne. After supplying a url, the application will search and download all types of images in a given resolution. It’s possible to download only tagged images and download simultaneously from multiple blogs and enqueue others.


Main UI, showing a list of blogs an top, the current queue status in the middle. On the right side are the control for managing the blogs and the crawl process: TumblTwo Main UI

Program Usage


New Features

New Features (over TumblOne):





2016-04-04: Code Refactoring





2016-02-25: stable releases

2016-02-24: stable releases

2016-02-22: all releases

2016-02-19: all releases

2015-11-23: all releases

2015-09-08: all releases

2015-09-01: stable and beta release

2015-08-28: stable and beta release






Possible next Features (ToDo-List):


I’m completely new to C# and (safe)-threading programming and if anyone wants to help, feel free to commit. So, beware of the code ;). I’ll add source code annotations over the next few days and the first git commit is the pure reverse engineered TumblOne code without any modifications from my side.